Detailing Done Right now offering Ceramic Coating in Iowa City


Interior Cleaning

When you entrust us with detailing your cars interior we will surpass your expectations.  We are the preferred detail providers for some of the most luxurious brands out there, from Audi to Mercedes-Benz and everything in between we have the knowledge and skills to handle any job out there.  We use only the highest quality products available to make your interior like new, we operate out of a state of the art facility built especially for high quality detailing. 

Auto Paint Cleansing

There are some common misunderstandings when it comes to your cars Exterior, mainly that a simple automatic car wash  is sufficient enough to care for your investment.  Many people dont understand the difference in auto paints, whether it be a Domestic or Import it is important to take into account the paints makeup.  What is good for a German Manufacturer's paint is not necessarily good for a Japanese Manufacturers paint, same goes for the many domestic car manufacturers.  Each manufacturer uses there own paint and many have different hardness and properties,  at Carousel Reconditioning we understand the difference and tailor our approach to your  vehicles specific needs. We now offer the Best Ceramic Coating in Iowa City

Wheel Cleansing

There are different types of wheels made out of different types of materials, we know the correct way to care for all wheels to enhance their beauty and shine.  We have cleaners and polishes especially made for the various make up of the different types of wheels.  

Leather Cleansing and Conditioning

Leather is one of your vehicles most delicate components, many detail shops use general purpose cleaners on your leather.  At Carousel Reconditioning we only use cleaners specially designed to clean your leather, they are mild and non abrasive as to not damage the surface or leave chemicals behind in the pores of your leather which can have a devastating effect on the longevity of the leather.  After the mild cleansing we then use a specially formulated conditioner to put essential oils back into your leather that will leave it smelling and feeling like new.

Upholstery Cleansing

We use a specialized 3 step approach when cleaning your upholstery.  Our first line of attack is with a targeted stain removal, we will identify individual stains throughout your vehicle and begin the process there.  Our specialized first step stain remover uses enzymes to fight the stain at the source  thus removing the stain and any odor associated with it.  We then move on to our second step which is used to treat entire surface, this will remove any embedded dirt, proteins or bacteria that cannot be seen.  Our third step is a specialized mist that is then applied to all upholstery that will block 99% of stains from returning as well as protect from future staining.